On holidays at last!!! More free time, yipieeee!!!!

I’ve never really tried to do great backgrounds… so this one was a challenge. A BIG one! I had to get a lot of references and I was working on it about… I don’t know, 20 hours??? I’m satisfied how it came out though.

If you’re curious, these are the pictures I took as reference for the statues and background:

Evil Ram Horned Demon (Amazon)

Dark Priest (Darkcloud013 – Deviantart)

Castle (Tinypic)

Advance Hell Background (Topwalls)

Hell bridge (Grand Chase – Wikia)


I must say I enjoyed it. I feel more self-confident now I am capable of doing things like this. ^_^ Anyway, first page of Chapter 7.  I’d really want to do a poster from this picture.  Would anybody be interested?

Have a nice weekend!!! Enjoy your holidays! 😀


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