Hi everybody.

It’s been very long since I wrote the last post, isn’t it?
Unfortunately, I come with some… sad news. I’ve been thinking about it for some time now, and I’m afraid I gonna have to turn hellandheaven.net down.

I know, I know. It’s been years and everything seemed to go fine, but I got several messages from my web service telling me that they want to rise the price (again). Not enough with that, my stock space is getting full, so I won’t be able to upload new pages soon.
In other words, if I wanted to keep the site up, I should pay more, not only to keep it but also to gain some more space, and I’m sorry to say that I can’t afford it right now.
So by the end of August the website of Hell and Heaven (hellandheaven.net) will go down unless a miracle happens and I win the loto. 😉 I’m sorry it’s such a short notice, but I’ve been very busy and unmotivated lately.

But don’t panic! As you may know, there are other places where you can keep reading the comic for free. Here:

Also, if you want to get early updates and other cool stuff, you can always subscribe to my Patreon [link]. Right now, I’m working on Chapter 14, but there are other projects I update from time to time, like Majorette and the 5 Games (the comic).

If you simply want to get news from me, I’m mostly on Instagram, X (previously Twitter) and Facebook, but you can find me in other places. Here’s a list of my main social networks:

I hope I’ll see you guys again soon. Thanks a lot for all these years coming to the website and have a wonderful week.
Write to me if you have any questions.
See ya! 🌹