Two new wallpapers!

One is from Valentine's Day, Spread the love! The other one is brand-new, made of a cover I made for the third tome. It's called The troupe.

I'm wondering if I should try again to print the comic or take it somewhere. Who knows?

Enjoy! 😀

New sketch! – Take it (Ryan)

It's been a veeeery quick sketch I made yesterday... at 3 o'clock in the morning. I was kind of exhausted but inspired at the same time. I'm preparing next pages of the comic and I'm quite proud. For now, I let you find our loverboy with his umbrella. >>> Sketches 😀

Break it! – New size

I just added a new size of the actual Break it! wallpaper. Now you can also download it in a 1366x768 resolution!

Remember that, if you're using other resolutions in your computer, you can always ask me to upload it. I need to know what you need. 😉

I will also upload the 3rd page of "When I met you..." soon! Enjoy the site!