That’s my name!

     I have been working hard as a future artist since I was a 9-year-old child or so. In recent years I have taken the way of Comic art and Illustration, but I’m also the scriptwriter of my own projects and even the translator. In fact, I can translate from and into French, English, Spanish and Catalan (so I’m a native speaker of these last two).

     I prefer colorful works with light and shining tones, but I can also use other styles. I have some manga influence as everybody else, but more than that I’ve tried to follow Disney or Don Bluth’s style from the beginning

     I’m a hard-working person and I put my heart in every sketch, every illustration, every page I make. It takes more time depending on the level of the pieces, but the reults are good. I work in digital, so I use Photoshop the big part of the time. I’ve tried some traditionall options though, like watercolor pencils, oil markers, temperas, etc.

     My dream? Becoming someone who can live from what she creates. Difficult one, but not impossible.

     If you are interested in my work, need my services or have any questions about it, you can send me a message at the Contact section.