… to the Hell and Heaven Comic online!

Before anything, be sure that your Internet browser has a zoom of 100-110% or you won’t see the background images the right way. If you were a reader of the previous webpage, there haven’t been a lot of changes, but there are new sections and lots more to come! So stay subscribed. 😉
Now, let me tell you a little about this site. From May the 2nd 2011, Hell and Heaven was moved from DeviantArt to a new site, and then to another one in 2013. This one! The pages started again from the beginning, (first release was in 2007) with some additions and other stuff, and the story itself followed the steps of a new life. Today, I’m proud to welcome you, the readers, to this web. It is my pleasure to know that there are fans out there that love to follow Ryan and Esther’s adventures, and of course the rest of the crew.

If you’re new, you may notice that there are RSS feeds that you can follow, or you can subscribe to the webpage by e-mail to recieve notifications. To gain access to the new Members area, with additional content, you need to becoma a Patron. You’ll get more info in my Patron’s page. You can even subscribe to my other accounts and sites (Blogger, WordPress, Facebook, DeviantArt, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube…) to know about news and other goodies, like contests, new downloads or anything else. Updates come out every two weeks, normally on friday, and I’m doing my best to keep it on.

You have the Archives divided in Chapters to check whatever you want and other sections that you may also find interesting, like the Gallery, the Characters, the Plot, Downloads,…

You can vote the site polls too! Sometimes there might be silly questions, but every vote counts. Specially for the TWC votes, which icon you’ll find in the page. If you are so kind, take some seconds to vote for Hell and Heaven in TopWebComics.com. You don’t need to register, just go there, push the name they tell you (anti-spam protocol) and it’s done. I’ll be happy and you’ll have done a good action. ^_^

Finally, if you want to send me any questions or simply comments (which I personnally love to read), go to the Contact section. You’ll find a form to fill and send me a message. :D

And that’s it. Again, welcome to my webcomic page and I hope you’ll have some fun!

My best regards,