Main characters

Ryan Malkovitch is a high school guy with lots of responsabilities on his teenager back. He lives alone, although he keeps a certain contact with his “uncle” and tutor. There’s not much to be known about his family or past, but it’s clear that he doesn’t have a good relationship with his father. He left Ireland when he was 10 and he was kept isolated from the world for a long time, attending home lessons by his tutor instead of going to Orion High School, where he was finally accepted at the age of 16.

He’s a Leo.


Esther is the “nice girl” most of the time… Most. Her life turns around a promise she made to her lost mother, usually being the excuse to get in dangerous trouble.  She gets along with most of the guys, except with Ryan, whom she can’t stand because of an incident that took place in the high school library on his first day. She lives in a small house with a garden on the highest area of the city, with her father and younger brother, and takes care of a puppy, even if she doesn’t take him out too much.

She’s Virgo.


The crew


Adam Guerra is Ryan‘s best friend and the perfect “playground” partner: sporty, funny, he likes parties and lemonade… and he’s there for you, no matter what you need. BUT don’t you think about asking him for help with your relationships because he’ll get you in deep trouble.

He met Ryan in Kindergarten, when his parents -who travel a lot because of their jobs- were living in Ireland. At the age of 7, he had to go living with his uncle,  Toni Guerra, who was a resident in Spain, and spent the next 4 years in the same school of Caroline, Irene, Brad and Esther. To top it all off, his first day was terrible because of some bullies that went against his dark skin.

He’s a Sagitarius.


Caroline Rialto is pure happiness. A free spirit with overflowing positivism and a big smile always on her lips. Her parents, native from both the “boot” and the Iberian peninsula, own an italian ice-cream café called  Cioccolato, near the Orion High School, where you can taste the best ice-cream in the city. Caroline also lives with her two younger sisters, Lorena and Eve. She loves teddies, lolita clothes and cosplay; that’s why her blond hair is now pink, matching the contact lens in her eyes.

She’s Libra.


Ulric Zwolf is one in a million. Handsome, tall, friendly and kind; a cinnamon bun with a secret that nobody should know, not even the person he would give his life up for.  He was Ryan‘s classmate in Junior School and he appreciated him, but never got to meet Adam, who left Ireland when Primary School was over.

Even though he should be living with his mother and stepfather, he hardly ever goes home.

He’s Pisces.


Irene Martin, Esther‘s best friend since kindergarten and a Basque brain with high goals in life. Her first surname should be pronounced Frenchly, but not a single teacher does it.

Only child, reserved, sensible and observant, she loves history, science and books. Irene needs to control everything but she hasn’t learnt how to deal with her confusing feelings about a certain someone yet.

She’s Capricorn.


Brad Stevenson is a shy innocent sweet orphan that lost his parents at a young age in a car accident. He lives with his grandmother Marga, who kindly takes care of him.

Brad doesn’t speak much and he’s horribly afraid of ghosts, but he’ll never let his friends down, specially if it’s Caroline. He loves drawing, fruit juice, milkshakes and pancakes with mountains of syrup.

He’s Cancer.


Claire Lenoir is the beautiful french girl who shared classroom with Ryan and Adam in Kindergarten. She lived in Ireland for a short time, when her Breton and rich father was working there, until the family decided to change their lifestyle and go back to Paris; buying later a second home in Spain. A convenient choice considering that her childhood “loverboy” was already in Iberian territory.

Logically, she feels an obssesive dislike for Esther and any other girl who gets near her green-eyed blond boy. She also loves good food and fashion.

She’s Aries.



Archangel Gabriel, having been the messager of the Lord, he’s also one of the most important creatures in the divine court and Esther‘s mentor, helping her on her mission. Even though he has a kind and noble nature, deep inside he hides a great power that most demons fear. King Lucifer is known by a lot of names but most of them refer to the same fallen angel that rebelled against God and became Prince of the Underworld, carrying the sins of humanity. He’s also Ryan and Exodus’ father, and he will soon have to make way for his heir, even if he’s secretly paving the way to change history.


Arouise was a monk in a monastery that was subsidized by a rich Count who always enjoyed female companies, even though he already had a good wife. Arouise befriended her until they fell in love and decided to run away together but they were discovered and she got deadly injured.  In an outburst of anger, the monk killed the Count to avenge her and commited suicide later, not to live in a world without Elise. Once in Hell, Lucifer proposed him to be the priviledged teacher and mentor for young Ryan, then a 10-year-old kid.


Exodus Sataniel I is Lucifer‘s son and Ryan’s stepbrother, whom he’d love to see dead. Far from his serenity to control things from the shadows, he’s a dangerous and selfish strategist whose goal remains his father’s throne. Humans disgust him, of course, and he’s always looking for power to unbalance the equilibrium in favour of his own interests. He’s also the favourite for the Council.




Blanquito is a canangel puppy (canis+angel), but you shouldn’t be fooled by his adorable looks because he has an ace up his tail. It’s Esther’s pet and guardian, who he can communicate with, even if she doesn’t usually ask him for help. He loves apples and countryside long walks.


Some people have cats or dogs as pets; Ryan has Kannor, a small horned funny devil with great respect and devotion for his master. He appeared in Spirit Hill for the first time, causing some trouble until somebody brought him back to Hell. Just like his master, he’s treated like a weirdo and “insignificant” among other demons because of his crazy nature, but deep inside he must be the kindest of them all.


Egoh is more of a servant than a pet to Exodus, but his master considers him more decent and qualified than other demons. Egoh hates humans too and despises “inferior” creatures, even canangels. However, he’s secretly jealous of them. His wings are hidden but he opens them when needed.