little History…

The first page of Hell and Heaven appeared in March 2007.

In the beginning it suposed to be a mix of short stories , 3 pages each or so, but the plot got tangled in the end so I had to join them all in one.
The ongoing story is following a regular update of 1 page/2 weeks, but there was a time, long ago, that I had to stop it for several reasons. I began uploading pages again from the beginning in September 2013, deciding that I wanted to finish it come what may. By that time, I already knew where were Ryan and the crew going to end up.
And finally, after some reflections and comments by certain people, in May 2016, it was time for the Spanish website comeback.  ^_^


The Plot

(Modified, according to the coming remake of chapters 1 and 2)

Hell and Heaven is the story of a few high school teens (16 years old) living in a small village where both creatures meet: angels and demons.

Ryan, also known as Ry, is the male main character, a 16/17-year-old student boy who feels an impulsive interest for Esther, the second main character; who actualy doesn’t take him seriously. In fact, she rejects him all the time but little she knows that their lives are dangerously tied up.

However, trouble won’t only come from destiny. The arrival of Ulric for a start, one of Ryan’s old Junior school classmates, will launch an excuse for Adam, his best friend, to help Ryan plan the way to win Esther’s heart before the blue-hair guy does. And everything will get worse when Claire, a certain french “friend” from Kindergarten, comes to town looking for her whole-life first love.

When the whole crew (self-invited guests included) decide to go on a weekend trip for Halloween to a rural house, strange things happen.

Things that will change their lives forever…