Yeah, I am very VERY sorry to anounce that I will remove the members area soon. 🙁

I started it with a lot of hope and wisdom… and I left it behind because of work and other stuff. I hate that but I have got to the conclusion that I need to concentrate on one or two things maximum at the same time. I have too much projects and loose ends that take too much space in my life and I have the bad feelling that it will take time (if not forever) to finish them.

That, and also the fact that I haven’t uploaded anything to the members area for ages. I really wanted to keep it up, but the comic itself is too much and I can’t keep working so hard when I have a job that is taking most of my time. Not only as a teacher, but also as an advertisement designer. I’m even working with webs and html… and thank god I still can finnish Hell and Heaven pages.

That reminds me that I’m also remaking chapters 1 and 2. Yeah, I decided to change everything in the beginning because I didn’t like the style or the story itself… but don’t worry, the current chapters in the webpage are fine. I will probably publish the new ones on amazon and other sites. I’m a little tired of having the feelling that I’m drawing for a very small group of people and I miss comments of encouragement, doing commisions or having some kind of help to reach my dream. I’ve seen so many comic artists to gain profit and expand their horizons that I feel miserable. I think the most of them are couples or groups who work on the comics, which is great… but I’m all alone and have nobody to do this work for me (not that I’d want to either, I love to do it myself, but I need more motivation. Am I losing my time?)

Well, to calm down a little my spirit, the members area will be turned down for the moment. Maybe in the future I will recreate it but for now I have to focus. Don’t worry about comments or info on your accounts. They will be all removed too. Privacy is important to me.

Also, if you have any ideas or opinions on how to improve myself, organisation (etc.) or you simply want to cheer me up, feel free to comment. I’m wiling to hear from you.

Oh, and the comic will still be updated every two weeks. I’m working on chapter 6 so I should hurry up if I want to upload next pages.

Have a nice week everybody!