I probably have non other excuse than Christmas time, but I’ve been writing a lot since I started holidays and I haven’t been able to continue the comic. Yeah, I know, always the same old story. Anyway, I am very sorry that I’ll have to stop updates until vacations’ are over. That means that next update will be, more or les… the 10th January if everythig goes fine.

You know how it works: family, things you can’t usually do, cooking, preparing presents… oh yeah, because in Spain we have the three Wizard Kings coming the night of the 5th Jan., so that means I have to get ready and get the d*** presents before it’s too late. Also, I need to do some serious cleaning at home… and other stuff I’m trying to finnish, as always.

I have a lot of hope for this new year that is coming (weird, comparing with the global standard opinions). I really REALLY hope it will be better and that I’ll reach some of my goals. Let’s keep walking together for now.

Have a

Happy New Year 2014

and, in case you get presents from the 3WK, enjoy them! 😀