What if... - Happy Saint George's Day! by Esther Quesada

What if… – Happy Saint George’s Day! by Esther Quesada

I’m so late with this that I don’t really know what to say… Well, even if it’s been too late, here’s the pic I promised to upload. The idea came to mind from another one, but it got mixed up for Saint George’s Day and I had to change it for good. That’s the reason why the tittle was 3What if…3 in the beginning. You can imagine. 😉 If Ryan came out of the screen one day like that I would surely freak out in the first place. XD

Also, in Catalonia, there’s this legend of Saint George the kinight and his fight with a dragon to save the princess from being eaten… and the rose grows up from the blood of the beast. I suposeI found that Ry would look funnier as a dragon. ;p

I’ve been very busy as usual, but this time I couldn’t even take a simple break for myself. Have two free days now, although I have some work to do… but this friday there’s a new page and I hope you will like it.

Have a great week and be brave! Spring is here and there are only two more days left until the weekend!


P.D. I will add this pic to the gallery later so you can download it from there if you wish.