Hi guys! How are you doing?

Well, from my part… I can draw again! YAY!!!! I feel much better now and though my arm sometimes aches a bit, I can draw for a long period of time again, so I’ll be able to continue the comic soon.

However, since I don’t have much backup pages and I also have an important commission for a book that is gonna be published in march-april (not about Hell and Heaven, but a kids’ book for a publishing company), I’m gonna still have to postpone updates a bit. Don’t worry, though. In march I’ll probably be finished with work and I’ll start drawing new pages for the comic (maybe sooner if I have the time).

I just wanted to update you all about the situation now and thank you for all the patience you have. I’ll never say it enough: you’re awesome, people! And thanks a lot to all of you who still follow the story despite the hiatus. I’ll work hard on the future pages for you to enjoy. ^o^ And for now, here’s a little fast art I made this week. Have a great day!!!!