Here we go!

Yeah, I know. Lucifer doesn’t look scary at all, much more like a 40-year-old man acting cool.

To be honest, I didn’t want to make him look like a beast in the first place. The devil can have many forms, but I chose for him the human one because it suits the story and I think is one of the most practical ones (at least, better than the half goat/human form).

I also want to remind to my readers that this story has nothing to do with religion and that I would never want to offend anybody. I have nothing against other theories or religions and I respect everything. You can like it or not, but please don’t take it seriously.

Now, back to this page, Ryan is more or less scared of his father, but Lucifer has never given him a real reason to feel that way. His fame precedes him. However, Ry knows when he’s angry. Better not to play with the devil.

Will update the character’s section with next pages. There’s some information about Lucifer (Sataniel) that I don’t want you to know until it’s up in the comics. 😉


Have a nice weekend! 😀