Started chapter 6. I don’t have much work done… and I see no future in it. Will I finnish this story someday? I often ask that myself. Seems I don’t have the answer, not motivation either. Is anybody out there, reading?

Really, I appreciate the ones who have been posting any kind of message since this started… and I can count them with the fingers of my hand (about 6). C’mon where’s everybody??? Don’t be shy, just tell me if my work is worth it or not, because I don’t know how many people are following the comic and I have the feelling that nobody cares… and that this work is a lost cause. Maybe I’m not the one to tell the story and I should really change the way I’m living (I spend too many hours on art without being noticed). Am I that bad with comics? O_o

Well, I’ll try to keep this alive somehow… until I can’t anymore. That’s life I guess.

PS: Yeah, today is rainning and I’m in a bad mood. Will be better tomorrow. Weekend, yay…