I’m back! And sorry for the delay!!!

I haven’t really rested the last two weeks because I started work again, but it’s ok. I’m trying to take it easy… I really am.

Now, about this page: veeeery colorful, yes.

It’s the first time I try to do backgrounds like in pannels 2, 4, 5 and 6. It’s quite fun once you’ve got used to it and I must admit they’re nicer than the simple ones from photoshop. As for the bubbles, it’s also the first time I do these. I had to previously create them in black and white and added the color later. For internal dialogues, they’re good enough, although big ones take a lot of place in the picture, and that’s annoying. You’ll understand what I’m talking about when you see next page.

Either way, thanks for reading and I wish you a great weekend! 😀