Quick, rise your hand and say the first thing you would say in such a rush! That’s right, I had no idea what to do there but I wanted Esther to run away so I thought about what would I do in this case. Of course, my teacher would have never given me permission XD

Anyway, next week I have holidays. Yay!!!! Easter is also an important time in Spain. Meeting family, having fun, eating the “mona” (a kind of cake made with butter or candy fruit and decorated with chocolate eggs, feathers and small dolls or figurines about popular characters. This year’s Frozen, by the way). Adults don’t really have figurines in a mona. It’s something made for children but… you know, some of us are like Peter Pan. 😉 I don’t think I’ll have though (not really interested in Frozen) but I can pass with the cake and chocolate. 🙂

There’s still a few pages before finishing chapter 6… maybe 6 more or so, but I’m planning to begin chapter 7 with someone different. And for future pages I would like to draw more backgrounds. I’m working on them too.


I wish you a great Easter week, plenty of sweetness and a wonderful time! Enjoy! 😀