I’ve just found out that I like darkness in my stories. It gives some kind of intimacy. In the forest, Esther’s house, the toilets… I supose that’s my vision of dram

I used some blue filters here, mixed with black and stuff. I like how it came out in the end but I still need to improve lights and shadows in my art. Let’s keep on working!

I know I’m late about it, but Happy Saint George’s Day! I couldn’t do a pictures this year, I have a lot to do at work.

About the page, when Ryan says he has cheated, you can imagine what happened. He’s a devil, right, so he has some “magic” powers, even to control other people’s minds. Esther could sorta do that too, but it’s far over her moral intentions to control somebody for her own will.

By the way, Ry feel were the worst for me to draw here. I still have to learn so much about poses!


Have a great weekend and thank’s for reading and the encouragements! 😀