You got it right. Exodus is Ryan’s stepbrother. You’re probably not surprised though. 😉

I’ve been doing this page for a month. I’m not joking. I had a real dilema on deciding how would Lucifer’s throne hall would look like. I wanted it to be majestic… but it turned out more like a subtile temple to old memories in the end.

For me, in this story, Lucifer is more like a grown sophisticated man who wants to keep order in his realm. In fact, I’ve been searching for some info about him and it seems that Sataniel and Lucifer are not really the same (or so it’s said). Lucifer would be the light bearer, like his name means in Latin, and Sataniel would be the real incarnation of evil, although it seems to appear for the first time in medieval times. Exodus would be a best incarnation for Sataniel.

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Have a veeeery nice weekend and enjoy autumn! 😀