I’ve suffered to do this one! Backgrounds everywhere! Two weeks to do the lineart and two whole days coloring faster than ever. This is Hell!!!! (I couldn’t have said it better clearer) ;P

Well, the last words of Lucifer pretended to be just formal enough, but I wasn’t sure if “go away” can really be translated as “vete (tu)” in Spanish. Lucifer tries to keep control of himself and I didn’t want him to sound too tough, even if he’s quite tense in the last pannel.

As for Exodus, he’s just a confident jerk. We know that, don’t we?

I really like how Arouise faces came out. Seems that I’ve finnally got to make him look better. I still need to practice with Lucifer because he’s a difficult one to draw. I’ve never drawn such serious and old characters before so… you can imagine.

Have a nice weekend! (11 days until December! YAY!!!!) 😀