Did I ever said that I LOVE textures and patterns? I’ve made the ones you can see in this page: wood, bricks, stones, glass… Gosh I’m proud!

Some of these are going to be a part of Patreon’s rewards in case you wanna know 😉 But this month I’ll be giving some extra brushes I’ve made.

As for the page, I might not be the best to design Ice-cream signs but I kinda like this one. You might remember that Caroline’s parents come from Italy, so this is their ice-cream café. It looks more like an American restaurant, but we also have these kind in Spain. One is Tommy Mel’s, they do nice milkshakes, but the real ice-cream usually comes with Italian names. ;P

Also, I don’t know if you have notices by Caroline’s clothes, but it’s almost winter there. When I change chapters 1 and 2, I’ll also change the reason why they went on a trip so the timeline will fit (Halloween, to be exact, but I’ll keep you updated).

I’m working on a Christmas special too, but it won’t be ready this Christmas, sorry.

Anyway, I won’t post a page next time because of family holidays and stuff, but I promise to come back in January with renewed strength! 😀

Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New year everyone!!!! 😀