I’m baaaaack!!!!

I had a busy New year and weekend but I had a lot of fun and wonderful memories that will stay with me. ^_^

So, back on schedule and new page! Don’t try to search sense to that galactical background, it was supposed to mean Adam’s memory and I liked it that way (I’ve learnt a little about how to do nebula pictures recently) 😉  Actually, I spent a lot of time on this page too. The textures were the fun part, but the characters were hard to finish… I don’t know why.

Anyway, have a nice weekend and back from holidays! 😀 (Yeah, I know it’s not cool but we have to stay positive). And also Happy late Epiphany or Magi Day for those who celebrated it! I hope you got nice presents or ate a lot of cake 😉

PS: Patron’s rewards for this month has been already sent. You can see the preview here: