Well, my friends, as you might notice, Twitter has been filled with messages from WordPress updates. That’s normal.

I’ve been uploading the remade pages of Chapter 1 on Tapastic, Webtoon and Becomics for the last weeks and I was waiting for the pages to fit the new story with the old one, so it would make sense. Today, from page 1 until page 11, (which correspond to old pages 1-7), everything is new. It will probably take another 2 months for me to finish the rest, due to deadlines and stuff for Patreon and the other sites.

In fact, I’ll wait to have them all finished before uploading the second group of pages to hellandheaven.net. That way, new readers won’t have trouble understanding the story. However, I’ll keep the old pages of Chapter 1 on Deviantart so you can check them out and see how awful my start was. XD I was proud back then but now I feel glad I can retire them. For good, of course.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen the pages all this time and want to re-read the story from the beginning, I hope you’ll enjoy the new pages. 😀

Have a great weekend and an even better Halloween! 😀