I’ve been willing to modify the English site since I remodeled the Spanish one, so here it goes. Red for English, Blue for Spanish.

I should have probably done it the other way round but I admit I was a little tired to redo everything on the English site and change the colors later. It sure results in a visual impact. Even I feel bizarre when I enter the site when I’m used to the angelical theme.

Well, on a different matter, I also take the time to remind my readers (at least those who haven’t seen my twitter feeds lately) that Hell and Heaven is now on Webtoon. I’ll upload a page per week for a 1-year period. Then I’ll decide what to do next.

There’s still a long way to go there but I’ll appreciate every subscription and views you can help me with. I’m working hard to get this story to the end and I’ll soon upload pages 5 to 11 from the Chapter 1 remake. Yeah, seven pages in a row, and they are supposed to represent the old pages 4, 5 and 6. I’m proud with the results. ^_^

Thanks for reading! 😀

Have a nice week!