The tittle says it all, but I’ll specify what I mean.

As I asked aobut keeping this webpage alive or not, not many people answered the call… BUT thanks to the ones who did answer and others who are actually commenting on the pages lately, I feel better about keeping the website and paying the price for now.

It would REALLY help me go on if you guys accept commenting on the pages more often or, at least, when a new one comes out. That makes me feel that my work is worth it. Also, if you can follow me on Webtoon or Tapastic (touch the names for the links), it would be awesome, for I need as much followers as possible.

On Tapas, when I reach 250 I will be able to unlock the tipping feature, which is a great motivation for artists I must say.

As for Webtoon, if the comic gets a certain number of followers or views per week, it will also make it more popular and probably be featured (that means that, if the comic was chosen, Webtoon would support the artist on Patreon for a certain period and also extend the comic popularity to a bigger audiance).

As you can see, I try hard to keep this going. Gotta be persistent, but I can’t do anything without you guys. So please, if you have the time and want to, keep on motivating me. I sure love your comments and I’m whiling to create more and more stuff. I really do.

Many hugs for everybody and keep being so awesome! 😀 Love you!