Tough question. It’s been long since I last updated the news section, so here it is, a new post with one of those hesitations of mine.

I’ve been keeping the new site since 2013 and also paying the usual price, which has rised this year. I like the look of it and the fact that I have a page on my own… but still there’s the bother of not knowing anything about the people who visit it.

Don’t get me wrong. I know the site gets some traffic every month, and I appreciate it, but it’s quite disappointing not having a single comment to answer for months… the last one, from September 2016 (Thanks, Retromissile!!!! 😀 )

Also from September, I began posting the comic on Webtoon and also Tapastic. Smackjeeves has been running for long too, and the last site I added to the list was Becomics. The first two ones and Becomics are at the beginning of Chapter 3 at the moment (1 page per week, using the stock I have), while Smackjeeves is on Chapter 8 (1 page every two weeks, just like here).

The point is that I’ve been running without any clue (except very few comments) that somebody is actually reading the story here. On the other sites I have a number of followers and likes at least, I can keep track of the movement and new readers, and also get a little help to grow and become a little more known everywhere.

I don’t know if anybody is reading this post either, so I’d like you to appear, if you can do me the favor, and give me your opinion about it. It’s not that I want to shut down the website, but you must understand that having to pay for it when it doesn’t seem to matter to anyone is really disappointing. That’s why I’m calling the readers, to let me know if you only follow me here or somewhere else, and also if you think it’s worth it to keep the website active or not. I’m open to any advice and/or comments you have to say, but please, let me know. And if anybody leaves a comment, this goes for other readers, don’t think it’s enough. I REALLY need to get a number of the people that are following this site. Even if you just say “+1” (meaning you’re an active follower) is ok. Just let me know, please.

I have to pay again in September this year, so that could be my limit to know if I keep it on or not. I’ll also think hard about it during these months left until then.

Thank you for reading this post and for your help. 🙂 BTW, new page coming soon!